New York

State Senate MTA Plan Gets Cold Reception


As promised, the state senate Democrats presented their watered-down MTA budget proposal today and, as predicted, no one likes it. Well, senator Pedro Espada likes it — “Today’s a great day for Pedro Espada, the M.T.A. ridership and the State Senate,” he told Politicker NY. But Transportation Alternatives says, “The Senate Democrats’ so-called MTA rescue plan is a deferral of responsibility that postpones tough decisions and threatens to make the Authority’s financial situation worse.” Katherine Wylde of the New York City Partnership calls the plan “last-minute” and “slap-dash.” Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says in a statement, “During the 1970’s fiscal crisis we stopped investing in the long term needs of our mass transit system… And as bad as the current crisis is, we cannot afford to make that same mistake again… any viable solution must address both the immediate threat of a fare hike and service cuts and the long term needs of our mass transit system” — sentiments the Governor seems to echo, and he’s the one who has to sign it.


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