Interview: Five Questions for The Wrestler’s Necro Butcher


“I seem to have developed a strong sense of creativity with steel folding chairs.”

Seen The Wrestler? Then you will never forget the Necro Butcher, the goateed, staple gun-wielding opponent of Mickey Rourke in the most memorable film scene of 2008. Ring of Honor, the professional wrestling company that orchestrated that scene and others in the film, might as well be dubbed “ring of blood” for the way the arena looks after its stars are through with battle. If the real-life Ring of Honor is anything like The Wrestler, then Saturday’s event–in which Necro and the rest of RoH are performing at Hammerstein Ballroom–will be a delightfully touching yet horrific display of macho bloodletting. Recently, we caught up with the Necro Butcher via email to ask a few questions about what it’s like to drive a staple into the chest of another man.

What’s so thrilling about making men bleed?

The simple fact is that blood draws people into the match more. Nothing makes a crowd sympathize with someone more than if that someone is a bloody mess. In the same regard, when the crowd wants to see someone injured, nothing satisfies them more than if that person is busted open. I find it thrilling to satisfy the crowd, so the blood has been a constant thing throughout my career, both me and my opponents.

Do you have a day job?

No, right now, I’m lucky enough to support my family by wrestling professionally. But my wife is also heavily involved with it by taking phone calls and answering emails when I am out of town. Comparing this life to so-called day jobs, I don’t see how anyone could not prefer 5 days a week at home with their family opposed to 2. Sure, there are occasional shows during the week and week-long trips to Japan, but on the average, I have like 5 days a week to do things with my wife and daughter, and nothing’s more important to me than that.

Besides the now famed staple gun, what is another favorite battle weapon?

I seem to have developed a strong sense of creativity with steel folding chairs. I guess the main reason would be they are pretty common in wrestling arenas.

How did you like The Wrestler, and all the attention it’s bringing you?

I loved the movie, I thought it was very realistic, perhaps a bit too realistic in the way it depicted a lot of the struggles we wrestlers face that no one sees. As for the attention, I really don’t see a lot of attention from it, although it was cool to hear James Franco scream my name at the Oscars and watching him staple a dollar to Seth Rogen.

How is dating life for the pros in Ring of Honor, and what kind of girls are drawn to the men in your line of work?

Hey, I’m happily married, and to be honest, most of the guys at ROH are in committed relationships. But to answer the question, the kind of girls drawn to wrestlers are rabid wrestling fans, I mean, come on, what type of normal girl would date a wrestler?

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