Mayor Discusses Fashion with WWD


Liz Benjamin reports that Mayor Bloomberg stepped off the stage at the FIT benefit at Cipriani’s last night and into an impromptu interview with a fashion reporter, Meghan Cass of WWD‘s Footwear News. The Mayor began with his customary charm, insulting the Daily News’ Adam Lisberg (“You’re much better looking than he is,” he said, “jerking a thumb” at Lisberg). Cass, apparently not expecting the sudden access, asked the Mayor what he was wearing. “I have no idea,” the Mayor replied. “Probably Paul Stuart.” Asked about the fashion industry, Bloomberg gave a little speech about how fashion “sets the tone. It provides the glamour,” etc. (Maybe he’ll support our proposal for a city spot fashion consultancy.) Reminded that Cass covers footwear, Bloomberg admitted, “The only person I know about footwear — Kenneth Cole is as close as I can come to somebody about. He’s a golfing buddy.” Also: “If I wore elaborate heels, I’d be on the front page of the Daily News.” He seems to have a bug up his ass about the Daily News. Benjamin finds it remarkable that Bloomberg, who normally stiff-arms the City Hall press, was so voluble with Cass. Maybe he’s trying to stay off the worst-dressed list. Photo by Spencer T Tucker via


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