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Mayor, Retired Cop Push for End to 20-and-Out; Ranters Disagree


Mayor Bloomberg is said to consider changing NYPD retirement rules so that cops have to spend at least 25 years on the force and cannot quit with a full pension before age 50, breaking the cops’ generous 20-and-out benefit. You can imagine how the PBA feels about this. Now the New York Post, which has long agitated for an end to the practice, claims some “ex-cops” favor retiring the 20-and-out system, even if they did benefit from it themselves — though only one goes on record (“‘I don’t consider it unreasonable. People are dying for jobs right now,’ said Michael Bailey, who retired as a detective in 2007 at the age of 43”).

Cops and cop fans at Thee Rant have had much to say about this sort of thing in the past, and its commenters are very angry with Bailey. “Great job dooshbag helping out Bloomy,” says fordham59. “Maybe he should give back his pension, if he cares so much for the residents of this city,” says SomeGod. “IT HAS ALL TO DO WITH BLOOMBERG’S PERSONAL DISGUST WITH COPS AND FIREMEN BENEFITS,” says Prosay. “…as an ’employer’ in the private sector, it kills him to think that a ‘mere’ cop or fireman gets something that he would NEVER give to his employees at any price.” “Why aren’t they bashing sanitation workers and transit workers and their pension systems also?” says ForrestG man. “No mention of firemen. Are they going to tack 5 years on their sentences too?”


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