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Geithner, Bernanke Inform Congress of Fascist Takeover Plan


As expected, Treasury Secretary Geithner and Fed head Bernanke are on the Hill telling Congress they need the power to take over non-bank financial institutions like AIG to prevent our recent disasters from happening again. At today’s hearings Republicans, not yet having talking points from Rush Limbaugh, by and large went easy (though Ron Paul did his customary number about the evils of regulation). Rightbloggers knew what to say, though. “Obama’s Creeping Fascism: Power To Seize Private Firms,” says Stop the ACLU. “Obama’s Banana Republic Plan,” says Right Wing News. “This is how dictatorships run,” says The Strata-Sphere. “The goal is to seize more elements of the economy,” says Fausta’s Blog. “Beware of Obama Power Grab,” says Deacon Bill, etc. Code Pink’s mad, too. The hearings are adjourned till Thursday, at which time these patriots will come down from their mountain redoubts with shootin’ ahrns to prevent the big takeover.


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