Boy Crisis’ “L’Homme”: A Quick Reminder That This Song Is Not a Good Look


For the same reason that it’s not funny to set your MySpace location to “Iraq” unless one of your band members has actually been shipped there, the Boy Crisis lazy-come-on drug-dance “L’Homme” continues to be one of the more reprehensible songs to come out of pre-recession, Royal Oak dance-partying Brooklyn. Even if Jessica Hopper was amused enough by the track’s genius/awful overlap to post about it yesterday, even if British affection for this band ends up bestowing them with an honorary knighthood, even if I continue running into these guys at parties (turns out our friends are friends, whoops), I will still maintain that this song encapsulates the EDGE development’s marketing campaign–essentially, culture is interchangeable with kitchen fixtures. Just getting worried that some of you people are beginning to get down with this. Thankfully not Richard Hell, who the Guardian quotes as saying, “Boy Crisis fucking suck.” And this dude, who mercifully understands that what we’re listening to here is simply a squeaky pair of penny loafers.

Boy Crisis, “L’Homme” [RCRD LBL]

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