José Peralta Has a Way With Publicity


As the state assemblyman representing the 39th District in Queens, José Peralta is a busy guy, and like most politicians, he wants people to know it, having his office that sends out press releases to attest to his industry.

Yesterday, for instance, Peralta’s office announced that the Dominican-American assemblyman would soon be “celebrating” Woman’s History Month at an event in his district, which includes the heavily-immigrant neighborhoods of Corona, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights.

Problem is, things sometimes seem to get a little lost in translation: it wasn’t clear if Peralta himself would be participating in the hatha yoga, falun dafa, and the belly dancing.

We were reminded of two of our favorite announcements of Peralta happenings in the recent past: In December, Peralta “welcomed” a public toilet at Corona Plaza (see photo).

And scariest of all, Peralta celebrated women in another way in October of 2007, by “providing” free exams during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Now, obviously Peralta’s heart was in the right place with this one, the release just makes us question the whereabouts of his hands.