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With Race a Dead Heat, Tedisco Running Like It’s 1984


As Wayne Barrett pointed out yesterday, Governor Paterson’s timing has been disastrously bad for Scott Murphy, who stands for election this Tuesday (barring Federal delay) to replace Kirsten Gillibrand. Yet Murphy’s opponent, James Tedisco, continues to campaign as if he were the one in the hole.

Last week we showed you the over-the-top Scott Murphy Hates Our Troops ad sponsored by the Our Country Deserves Better PAC. Now we have seen a Tedisco endorsement from the “Freedom PAC” of Move America Forward — “the nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots organization,” in their words, or “part of a pro-war lobby… headed by California Republican activists, talk show hosts and staff members of the public relations firm Russo Marsh & Rogers,” in SourceWatch‘s.

Like the OCDB ad, the endorsement rages at Murphy for opposing ROTC when he was at college. It also calls him “a lap dog to the anti-military activists.”

Republicans usually don’t haul out Our Brave Men in Uniform near Election Day unless Ronald Reagan is at the top of the ticket — or they’re in deep trouble. Tedisco may be disheartened by a number of polls showing the race a statistical dead heat — especially since Tedisco led in February by double digits. Even some of the national Republicans who have swarmed to Tedisco’s cause, hoping his victory would reinvigorate the GOP factota, are starting to bitch about him.

But in a conservative upstate district that only recently began voting for Democrats, we must say that, if it isn’t Tedisco’s race to lose, it’s his to win — if he’s smart enough to use what’s left of his considerable funding to do the sort of voter mobilization at which Democrats normally excel.



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