Times Helpfully Disseminates Our Gillibrand-Tobacco Story


The New York Times has a story today about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s links to Big Tobacco. It’s worth your while, though if you read Tom Robbins’ article about the same subject from the February 10 Voice, you’ll find much of it familiar. Also you won’t find Robbins or the Voice mentioned in their story, an apparent oversight. We shall send them a letter.

Oh: and though our Graham Rayman pointed out the oddity of the Times attacking the youth basketball story that he had already covered from an out-of-state angle, he was too much of a gentleman to also mention that the Times has also been biting stories he broke on the Rikers Islands guards scandal. But we are not gentlemen and have not such compunction.

This sort of thing happens a lot more often than we let on, but most mornings we’re not in a bad enough mood to bring it up.

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