The Teenage Cool Kids Scorn Lawyers, Attempt to Challenge the Cool Kids to Veggie Dog Eating Contest, Tempt Fate, Patience


Having never been personally served with a cease-and-desist order (we stick to misdemeanors, mostly), we can’t pretend to know what the appropriate response to one might be. But a hunch tells us that going on YouTube to challenge the Cool Kids–who’ve just served your band, the Teenage Cool Kids, with a C&D letter of notification re: what appears to an outsider to be a relatively justified instance of sorting out just whose band is going to be called what–to a veggie dog eating contest might not be the shrewdest route to take. Legally speaking. Also: Somehow we doubt the lawyers for the Cool Kids will feel much threatened, or even slightly swayed, by the sight of two glasses-wearing indie-rock dudes in their bedroom talking into a laptop, the blue light from the screen regrettably reflecting off both pairs of lenses. [h/t Walkie Talkies]

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