Mountain Goats at the Society for Ethical Culture Now Available for Download


Our famously particular hopes for solo, primitive Mountain Goats shows were amply fulfilled last Friday night, when John Darnielle took the stage in the high school auditorium that is the NYC Society for Ethical Culture. For purposes of extreme standom, no notes whatsoever were taken; the idiotic things other audience members said will remain forever unknown, and we will all instead emerge with our collective reputations intact, the record of our respective idiosyncrasies of fandom eternally, mercifully disappeared. We can attest to the reliable, stolid presence of the legendary nyctaper, however, who set up just down the row from us in the balcony and committed the whole freewheeling adventure to tape. In particular, we recommend what we’ll call for these purposes two thirds of an unofficial New York trilogy: “Un Rêve Plus Long Que la Nuit,” alias “November Love Song,” with its nod to the Long Island Expressway, and “Going to Queens,” one of the all-time sweetest and most good natured Mountain Goats love songs. “Going to Port Washington,” Darnielle’s ode to the Throgs Neck Bridge, was left unplayed, although we were sure he was gonna. Dude’s full setlist after the jump.

    [Total Time 1:25:02]
    01 [introduction]
    02 1 John 4:16
    03 Woke Up New
    04 [technical problems]
    05 Song For Tura Satana
    06 Cobscook Bay
    07 Going to Lebanon
    08 Un Rêve Plus Long Que la Nuit
    09 Going To Kansas
    10 The Last Limit of Bhakti
    11 You or Your Memory
    12 Going to Queens
    13 [banter]
    14 From TG&Y
    15 Dance Music
    16 [banter]
    17 The Day The Aliens Came (or: Hawaiian Feeling)
    18 Ontario
    19 So Desperate
    20 Color in Your Cheeks
    21 Sign of the Crow 2
    22 Steps Columns Pillars [JV]
    23 [banter]
    24 Surrounded [JV]
    25 See America Right [JV]
    26 No Children
    27 [encore break]
    28 The Sign (Ace of Base)

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