Bronx Pol Espada Tracked to Actual Non-Bronx Home


There’s a special election for Bronx Borough President today, and Ruben Diaz Jr., son of the colorful anti-gay state senator, will certainly win against his “token opposition,” Anthony J. Ribustello, an actor from The Sopranos. But there are more entertaining examples of the Bronx’s hopeless political corruption on which to focus than their so-called “elections.” Like Pedro Espada, Jr. — he’s always good for a rueful laugh. Last year the state senator, goon-squad leader and scofflaw survived a residency challenge to his Bronx-based candidacy that claimed he actually lived in Westchester. Today WCBS News showed Marcia Kramer tracking Espada, “trying to disguise himself by wearing an orange ski hat,” to the Mamaroneck house in which he apparently sleeps, and interviewing a neighbor who says he’s been living there for years and a resident of Espada’s Bronx co-op who says she never sees him there. Like anyone’s going to do anything about it. He hasn’t even moved into his Bronx senatorial office yet. Forget it, Jake, it’s Gun Hill Road!