Status Ain’t Hood Loses the Asher-Roth-Sales-Figures Showcase Showdown, Spectacularly


The voluminous Internet discourse with regards to white rapper/frat-party sensation Asher Roth has reached a state of such bewilderment that I honestly have no idea whether or not bloggers are actually mad that the guy Twittered about hanging out with “nappy headed hoes.” A far more compelling and infinitely more surreal argument brewed over the weekend at Gawker, of all places, wherein Byron Crawford, Touré, and diaper-brandishing UGK superfan Tom Breihan discussed Asher’s socio-commercial relevance or lack thereof. Watch in awe as Tom drops some fantastically ill-conceived sales predictions and gets razzed by Touré for disparaging “web 2.0 bullshit.” (“If it’s any consolation, my grandfather agrees with you.” SHAZAM.) Stick to what you’re good at, Tom. Procreation.

As for Asher, Videogum offers this anthology of supremely punchable “I Love College” cover versions. I PREDICT THAT POST GETS 30 BILLION VIEWS.