Yankees Half-Price Sale on Empty Seats! (Warning: Some Buyers Get Doubles, Not Refunds)


Hey, that oughta work: noticing (as who hasn’t?) that their best seats are not filling up, the Yankees have offered fans a new deal: 50 percent off the $2,500 Legends Suite seats. And $1,000 seats will go for $650. Yes, the Steinbrenners have adjusted some Yankee Stadium premium seating prices. If you’ve paid for those seats already, you will get a rebate or credit. Now, not all $2,500 and $1,000 seats earn you cash back. For instance, if your $2.5K seats are in the first row of Sections 16 – 24A, you’ll get “an equal number of complimentary Legends Suite Seats” instead. $850, $600, and $500 seat-holders get doubles, too. Oh, and you have to be a full season ticket holder to get this deal. Future buyers “will receive comparable (dependent upon the price of the Legends Suite and Ticket License) benefits.” And that’s just from sections A-H of the Steinbrenners’ statement. If it is your misfortune to hold or covet Yankees tickets, you can read the whole thing.

“Wow!” says a commenter at USA Today. “They’re lowering the $1,000 seats to $650? Well, NOW I can afford to go. In fact, at that bargain-basement price I can probably shell out for a couple of season-ticket packages. Kudos to the Yankees for thinking of the little guy.” Photo (cc) affiliate.