David Byrne Praised as Both a Fader Icon and the 15th Sexiest Frontman in Rock ‘n’ Roll History


Our old friend David Byrne, still prancing about multiple continents in support of his splendid Brian Eno collaboration Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, is also being praised for various past accomplishments. First comes the new Fader issue, in which he is given the same Icon treatment granted last year to Aaliyah. Furthermore, consider his totally respectable showing in’s Forty Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History rundown: a robust 15th, slotting Mr. Nervous above, for example, Op Ivy’s Jesse Michaels (#37), Bono (#24), and Elvis (#18) (??!!). Who after all has sung lyrics more mind-bendingly erotic than “I’ve seen sex, and I think it’s OK”? Prince? Yeah, sure.