First Native U.S. Citizen Swine Flu Death; Pig, Handshakes Affected


We’ve been hoping to put this swine flu thing to rest, but events prevent it. The first native-born U.S. citizen has died from a suspected case — not an immigrant like the little boy who was our first stateside death, but a 33-year-old teacher in Texas. She has been identified as Judy Trunnel (pictured) of Cameron County, who was pregnant and entered the hospital on April 19 and thereafter went into a coma; her baby has been delivered by C-section. The pandemic proceeds apace: CDC reports 403 American cases in 38 states, and Illinois is catching up to New York’s 90 confirmed cases with 82. Meanwhile the only pig in Muslim Afghanistan, a resident of a zoo in Kabul, has been quarantined for fear of spreading the disease. On the same grounds, Oklahoma State University has cancelled its traditional graduation handshake. The Obama Administration is considering a national swine flu vaccination program to combat its spread. So we guess the word is still PANIC, despite our best efforts. Photo via Garza Funeral Home.