Oprah KFC Deal Leads to Snafus, Delays, Riot


That coupon Oprah was offering for free chicken at KFC was never a good idea. For one thing, it ain’t too enlightened a choice: as PETA Europe says, “KFC is the world’s largest killer of chickens… nearly 800 million chickens are killed every year in the cruellest ways imaginable.” The guy in this video is so wrought up by Oprah’s insensitivity that even though he’s “dehydrated from hot yoga class,” he has to yell at her for 10 minutes about it. Why couldn’t she buy her fans a nice Gardenburger instead?

For another, there were bound to be snafus. “We were just at the KFC downtown Chicago and they said they would not be honoring Oprah’s coupon for 2 WEEKS!!” says an Oprah board user. Other KFCs are doing likewise. And if it’s like that elsewhere, you can imagine what it’s like here — trying to redeem coupons in New York City practically requires the presence of a lawyer. Now Gawker tells us non-redemption at a midtown KFC has caused a little riot.

Somewhere in heaven, some beakless chickens are laughing their drumsticks off.