Ex-Yankee Leyritz, Awaiting DUI Death Trial, Hospitalized After Suicide Talk


Former Yankee Jim Leyritz had every reason not to drink and drive. In December 2007 he crashed into 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch’s car and killed her while under the influence; above is video of Leyritz talking to police on that occasion. Last April, while Leyritz awaited trial, cops put a device in his car to make sure he wasn’t still drinking and driving, and it showed that he did, four times. Leyritz has nonetheless insisted that the accident was Veitch’s fault (she was reportedly drunk too). Wednesday cops went to check on him, and he announced to them that he was under a lot of stress; he had tried to start his car again, but the anti-drunk-driving device wouldn’t let him, and he was upset that the result would get him put back in jail. The cops got the idea that he was suicidal, so they took him to the hospital. He came back home today and has been consulting with his lawyer, probably in anticipation of legal action.