I, Locavore–Faicco’s Homemade Coppa


Sliced thin, garnet in hue, leaving a burn on the lips–Faicco’s coppa! (click to consume)

Craving the salty pink cold cuts like prosciutto and culatello that are the glories of Italian charcuterie? Well, you don’t have to import them from Parma and San Daniele anymore–you have only to go to the Brooklyn or Manhattan branches of Faicco’s Pork Store to get their stupendous homemade coppa, a cured ham traditionallly made from the neck meat of the pig. Back in Apulia (the heal of the boot) and Calabria (the toe of the boot), where coppa originated, it’s known more formally as cappocolo. There, as here, the ham is thickly coated with red pepper, which gives it a kick not normally associated with ham. Coppa is $19.95 per pound, making it competitive with foreign-made prosciutto and serrano ham, and a quarter pound goes a long way (the picture above represents less than one-eight of a pound). 260 Bleecker Street, Manhattan, 212-243-1974; 6511 Eleventh Avenue, Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, 718-236-0119