More Lousy Poll Numbers for Paterson; NYers Split on Gays, Fuzzy on Gillibrand


We’re not sure why they even bother to poll Governor Paterson’s popularity lately. Why not wait a few months at least, so we can hope to be surprised? Anyway today’s findings from Siena find Paterson with a 12 percent job performance rating. Only 27 percent view him favorably, and “someone else” is strongly leading the next governor’s race; Paterson brings up the rear with 15 percent, which Siena says is a record low (ring the bell!). Voters like AG Andrew Cuomo, though; he beats Rudy Giuliani and John Faso in speculative matchups.

After the dead certainty of a Paterson debacle, the results are more mixed. New Yorkers are evenly split on gay marriage. The recent Quinnipiac poll showed a similar result, but the last Siena poll showed more support for marriage equality.

The voters don’t like property taxes, of course, but are virtually divided on their favored approach to freeing themselves from it, with a “circuit-breaker” approach keyed to household preferred to a tax cap by only a few points.

Siena asked voters if they were moving out of the state, and got record highs for the results “as quickly as I can” (10 percent) and “unless improvement,” (11 percent). Maybe Tom Golisano can put them up in his Florida beach house.

Kirsten Gillibrand retains a weak majority in favorability and electoral preference, but about half the voters are still unable to give an opinion of her. Chuck Schumer skates with high marks, though.

The punchline is that 62 percent of respondents think America’s headed in the right direction — another record — and give Obama a 72 percent favorability rating.