Pics from Metro Cafe


Cold tripe and ox tongue in Sichuan chile oil

Here are some pictures of the dishes at Brooklyn’s Metro Cafe; my review of the restaurant came out yesterday. The restaurant is the first Sichuan spot in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park Chinatown, and it is an extremely enjoyable place to kill a craving for Chong Qing chicken. Metro Cafe also serves a selection of Japanese snacks because the woman who owns it along with her husband worked for years in Japanese restaurants.

Although Metro Cafe doesn’t serve some of the more common Sichuan classics, like dan dan noodles or Chengdu lamb, it makes up for it with its cold dishes of various animal bits in the most delicious chile oil, gritty with Sichuan peppercorns, and topped with sesame seeds, chopped peanuts and cilantro.

The picture above is one of those wonderful cold dishes, a mix of tripe and slices of ox tongue. The tripe is a sauce-delivery system, sponging up that brick red oil in its crevasses.

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Cold pig’s ear in that same spicy-tingly Sichuan chile oil.

And snappy, chewy beef tendon in the same cold preparation.

A more mild stir-fry of tender cuttlefish with vegetables.

This beef with Sichuan special sauce reminded me of the cumin-heavy lamb Chengdu. The slices of beef are very tender, and walloped with cumin, green chilies, and peppercorns.

Fried, head-on shrimp (crunch them down!) in a sauce that tastes of Chinese five spice.

And finally, one of the Japanese snacks: grilled rice balls drizzled with teriyaki sauce. Tasty.