“Citizen Grand Juries” Charge Obama with Treason, Being Unborn, Etc.


Dave Weigel tips us to this video in which patriot Carl Swensson describes the “citizen grand juries” he and his buddies mustered in five states and which, you will be interested to learn, have “returned indictments against Barack Hussein Obama” for “fraud and treason.”

The charges stem from BHO having no birth certificate that the Right Man is bound to respect, so he may be presumed to never have been born at all, let alone on American soil. And the Muslin Pretender has covered his tracks in other ways — “Curiously… there are no records of him being a Senator. As a matter of fact, we know nothing of this man.” We are ruled by an unborn monster who may have mind-tricked us into believing he was elected to the Senate! No wonder Alan Keyes is in on this.

Not to worry, citizens: Swensson informs us that “we now have boots on the ground” (and shootin’ ahrns, no doubt) to get these indictments to sheriffs and judges who can start the removal process. Listeners may do their part by going “to a local policeman” and, if he does not put you in the drunk tank, getting him to open a criminal case against Unborn Unpresident Obama.

Also, Swensson says, “When [Obama] is removed from office, all documents he has signed must be unsigned.” Biden will be President for three months, but never fear, because he will also be president “only as long as it takes for us to get new elections going.” And they’ll be held in rustic settings with jugs marked “xxx” and poll taxes, by God, so we won’t get one of these illegitimate (if you know what we mean) characters elected again.