If You Watch Only One Delightfully Profane Twitter-Conference Rant About the Death of Music Criticism Today, Let It Be Christopher R. Weingarten’s




This is incredible. So here we have beloved friend-of-SOTC Christopher R. Weingarten, he of the “reviewing 1,000 records on Twitter in 2009” phenomenon/craze 1000 Times Yes, giving a speech at the 140 Characters Conference, which totally exists, and is in fact raging on even as you read this. Also raging on: Mr. Weingarten, whose brief remarks on the future of music criticism (it has none) are vivid, sardonic, and incredibly profane, to the crowd’s unending delight. Indicative phrases: “gilded geekazoid,” “falling down a shit spiral,” “people have awful taste,” and “Fleet Foxes fuckin’ sucks.” During that last bit Chris ascends to Bill Hicks/gospel-preacher heights of divine fervor. Love the hat, too.