Sheldon Silver: Well, We’re Getting a Lot of Work Done in the Assembly


As we mentioned yesterday, while the state senate has concerned itself with its post-coup power struggle, the state assembly has been a legislatin’ machine, cranking out bills including the mayoral control renewal Mayor Bloomberg needs by June 30 (but which is meaningless unless the senate clears it).

Today assembly speaker Sheldon Speaker wanted to make sure we all knew about this, and his press secretary sent around a release to that effect “in response to ongoing media requests”:

“Today the Assembly convened for 4 hours and 55 minutes and acted on 72 bills, while holding 11 committee meetings…

“This week, the Assembly has convened for a total of 25 hours and 13 minutes and has acted on a total 317 bills, while holding a total of 45 committee meetings. As of today, the Assembly has passed a total of 1,050 bills this legislative session.”

The release helpfully includes links to the names of bills passed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. If you want to know more about A6421A (“Relates to amending the authorization for the imposition of additional sales and compensating use tax in Herkimer county”), A8333A (“Grants uniform members of the bureau of fire prevention of the town of Islip peace officer status”), or any of the others, you can always look ’em up.