Wait, Mark Sanford Isn’t Done Making Us Laugh


The South Carolina Governor and Argentine adulterer Mark Sanford, who was widely believed to have dodged some publicity bullets when Michael Jackson died, has found a way back into our hearts. Today he tells us that though long-distance lover Maria Belen Chapur is his “soul mate,” he will nonetheless try to fall back in love with his wife, an offer any gal would find hard to refuse. He also said he had “crossed lines” with other women, but “didn’t cross the sex line” with them — which leaves much room for interpretation. Is he referring to the old Southern standard, “If it ain’t in, it ain’t sin”? Or does he mean merely emotional attachments? If the latter, why is he telling us? We think it’s part of a longterm strategy to keep us interested in Mark Sanford the Man, rather than Mark Sanford the Subject of Investigation. Look, it’s working on some people. Now all he needs is more cover from Norm Coleman.