Japandroids Invaded Pianos, Return Next Saturday for Siren


File under regrets: Missing Japandroids, the Post Nothing Canadian duo with a Polyvinyl debut on the way, at Pianos late Saturday night, where the band played what will probably be the last small club show this band will get in New York. YouTube turns up a decent version of “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” the absurdly oversized anthem these two guys will hate soon enough, once they’re forced to perform it at every show, ever. But it’s early and the record isn’t even out yet and over the weekend, they don’t seem to mind playing it all; that breakdown right in the middle of the song is everything it should be and more. Consolation prize: the duo comes back to our very own Siren Festival this weekend, where the band will play at 3pm set to way more people in way more direct sunlight. Should be interesting to see whether they can pull it off. Equally stirring versions of “Heart Sweats” and “Darkness on the Edge of Gastown” below.