Ravitch is Lt. Gov.! (Till Monday, When The Case Resumes)


All hail Lt. Gov. Ravitch! The forces of Governor David Paterson went last night to an appellate court, where Judge L. Priscilla Hall “temporarily reinstated” Richard Ravitch at New York’s Lieutenant Governor by stopping the restraining order Dean Skelos and Pedro Espada won from a Nassau County court on Tuesday. Of course this means more court action, specifically on Monday, per Judge Hall’s orders. Skelos — whose co-litigant Espada is busy in his new state senate leadership role — says that while “The governor may have bought himself a little time,” Skelos is confident that “the courts will agree that Governor Paterson violated the state’s Constitution.” Siding with Skelos is attorney general Andrew Cuomo, who still insists that the appointment was unconstitutional, but is content to “let the courts decide” — so no amicus brief for Skelos and Espada, we guess. Maybe they can subpoena him, if they dare. Will they? We wouldn’t try hauling him into court. (For the record, Hiram Monserrate agrees with Cuomo, perhaps in hopes of lining up law enforcement support for himself.)

No word yet as to what Ravitch will do with his temporary reinstatement. Lay low, we suppose.