Mayoral School Control Deal Allegedly Happening; NYU Center Bloomberg Hates Gets Bumped


We suppose we should mention it since some people find it exciting, but the news that a “deal” is “in the works” for the state senate to renew mayoral control of the city’s schools seems pretty weak tea. The parent training institute, arts advisory council, and safety committees sound more like gestures of respect toward constituent groups than important reforms. Giving district superintendents “more power to review principals” seems like a good idea, and we look forward to learning whether or not Joel Klein will be able to override their recommendations. And we notice NYU’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education — which, as Wayne Barrett pointed out, incurred Bloomberg’s displeasure as an alleged nest of opposition to the Mayor — gets cut out of the parent center deal in favor of CUNY, further suggesting that this is all about cred, not serious change. Besides, even if they all shake hands today, the senators won’t vote on it till August, and that leaves plenty of time for somebody to stage another Albany Coup and bollocks the whole thing up again.