Trail of Dead, Apparently Antsy After Their Williamsburg Rain Cancelation, Up For “Whatever You’re Down To Do” Tomorrow


So after yesterday’s Biblical flash floods and tempestuous lightning storm prevented this Sunday’s Pool Party’s headliners, Trail of Dead, from stepping on the Jelly NYC stage, the band seems a little restless leading up to their show this weekend at All Points West. To wit: They’ve offered themselves up all day tomorrow for “Interviews, Performances, Etc.” More specifically, via press release: “Let us know what you’re down to do!” No word on what that et cetera. entails, but if you’ve ever wanted to film Conrad Keely eating pig intestines while singing “Mistakes and Regrets,” this might be your big chance. Press release below, offers should be made to Stunt Company, Sam Horine’s photos of the non-rainy portions of yesterday’s show with the Black Lips and HEALTH over here.

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead are in NYC – Tuesday, 7/28
Band is Available for Interviews, Performances, Etc.

After invoking the gods of thunder and rain upon their headlining Jelly NYC Williamsburg Waterfront show yesterday, the band has decided to give back and will be in NYC tomorrow, 7/28. We know it’s last minute but doesn’t it make this fun?!

They are available for interviews, performances, etc.

Let us know what you’re down to do!

…Trail of Dead also play the All Points West Festival this Saturday, 8/1