Another Sig(h)n of the Times: Guss’ Pickles Leaving the LES for Brooklyn


The Lo-Down broke the depressing news yesterday that Guss’ Pickles, a Lower East Side fixture for more than 85 years, is pulling up stakes and moving to Borough Park. Grub Street followed up with a phone call to Roger Janin who, with his mother, Pat Fairhurst, has run the Orchard Street stall since 2004. Janin told Grub Street that the upcoming move, surprisingly, doesn’t have anything to do with yet another greedy landlord. It’s instead due to a slow-down in business: Kids today, it seems, would rather eat banh mi and gluten-free cupcakes. Guss will move to 39th Street between Fourteenth and Fifeenth Avenues in four months’ time; get their spicy okra and full sours while you can.