Marilyn Manson, Who Currently Wants To Give the World AIDS (“I Am Very Generous”), Still Shaking His Fists, Threatening Door-To-Door Visits Via MySpace


This continues. After threatening to pay home visits to quote-unquote journalists who make “cavalier statements” about him “personally or with my fans help” (this may or may not be the LA Weekly), Mr. Manson is still carrying on, posting at least one angry mass-bulletin missive via MySpace. Buddyhead, the web site at the center of this nontroversy, claims that since Sunday, Manson’s amended his profile thusly:

Marilyn Manson- kill all journalists that have the cowardice to be anonymous. 1 hour ago from mobile Mood: you are dead.

Marilyn Manson- talk is cheap until we find out where you live. 1 hour ago from mobile Mood: you are dead.

Marilyn Manson- is laughing at how predictable, the cynical make themselves look. 3 minutes ago from mobile – Mood:amused

It seems those status updates have since been deleted, but the MySpace bulletin below, subject lined “a call for war,” is still up, once again offering to pay home visits and make that hilarious Onion article a comical harbinger of truth. Best/deliberately ominous/most overwrought line of all: “Do not be afraid to express yourself. In all ways imagined.” Let us remind you: this appears to be over the accusation he had a beer belly.

“Marilyn Manson Ups His Rhetoric, Further Incites Fans to Inflict Violence Against Journalists” [LA Weekly]