Repo Man Auteur’s Repo Chick Non-Sequel Threatened By Repo Men!


You may recall Alex Cox, the director of such sacred texts as Sid & Nancy and Repo Man, and wondered what he’s been up to. Most recently, he’s been doing weirdnesses like this. But last year he started work on something called Repo Chick, which was widely covered and anticipated as a sequel to Cox’s 1984 punk-noir classic.

Cox started telling people that Repo Chick was not a sequel to Repo Man, but nobody wanted to believe that — including Cox’s former studio, Universal, whose agents have tried to stop him from making Repo Chick on those grounds. Cox has been ignoring them and finishing up his movie, which is supposed to premiere in September…

But, Cox tells us in the July 29 entry to his blog, Universal is taking an unreleased Jude Law organ-harvesting thriller originally titled The Repossession Mambo and calling it Repo Men! (with the exclamation point, it seems)…

Cox sounds pissed. “I’m sure this is an excellent film,” he writes, “which Universal accidentally forgot to distribute, and which by sheer chance they just re-christened REPO MEN. A cynical person might conclude these guys are so fucked up they’re trying to catch some of the buzz of REPO CHICK, in order to give some loft to a turkey.”

So, bottom line: soon there will be a movie called Repo Chick, made by the maker of Repo Man, who swears it’s not a sequel to Repo Man, and Repo Men!, made by people who are not the maker of Repo Man, and whom the maker of Repo Man suspects of trying to rip of Repo Man.

Funny business, the movies.