Strange Snacks of the World: Kanikko (Candied Crabs)


Poking around Han Ah Reum supermarket the other day, Fork in the Road was transfixed by the sight of these little critters. As the amazing packaging telegraphs, they’re tiny, whole crabs, eyes, claws, and all. Obviously, we had to have them, ripping them open in the subway much to the horror of our fellow passengers.

The little buggers are all crunch, lacquered with a sugary, slightly spicy coating. They taste fishy and sweet–not as wonderful as we had imagined. But still, you can’t do better for a crunchy snack that will thoroughly freak people out. Our best idea so far is to make an extra-spicy Bloody Mary with clam juice, and garnish it with the crabs–can you think of a better brunch?


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