An Apology, of Sorts, for Antagonizing Questlove With Regards to the Still-Not-Happening School Daze Sequel


While browsing Twitter yesterday morning, we came across a Questlove dispatch that seemed to suggest he was taking time out of his busy schedule to do some acting and/or composing for the sequel to Spike Lee’s 1988 film School Daze. Here is the Tweet in full:

“w/ Spike working on School Daze 2 & Drake about to take over….is this the light skinndidid revenge mofos been waitin 4 since Wesley stabbed Chris’ hand in New Jack City?”

Though we take everything that appears on Twitter with a very large helping of salt, it sounded feasible to us that the prolific, perpetually overworked Quest might be working with Lee on a follow-up to the iconic flick, which explored tensions between light- and dark-skinned students at an all-black college. That he further seemed to be ribbing noted former actor Drake seemed to lend credence to the theory that something might be cooking, since the original film was a musical.

Indeed, last year it was reported Lee had written a sequel, but couldn’t find
backing for it. The filmmaker told Starpulse no one liked his idea: “The film takes place at the same college but 25 years later, but the powers that be didn’t want to tell that story. It was gonna have Kanye in it and Alicia Keys.”

This new development seemed worth a few calls, including one to Spike Lee’s Brooklyn office. We figured if the film was in production, he’d want to let his fellow New Yorkers in on it. It turns out Lee likes to have all his media communiques faxed to him, so we faxed him an inquiry that included Questlove’s tweet. An hour or two later, Lee’s office called us and told us School Daze 2 was still shelved, and no one, including Lee, was sure what the Tweet meant.

Shortly thereafter, Questlove took to Twitter again. First, “dear village voice STOP IT!!” Later, “village voice just did a page 6. i’d expect that from ANY publication but them. How they take a joke & run wit it?” And finally, “i meant ‘with him developing school daze’ not me spike and drake working on it. they got interns fact checking now? sheeesh”

And now we’re curious again. But lest we be accused of pulling another Page 6, perhaps we’ll hold off snooping and wait for the press release.