50 Cent To Turn Queens Schoolyard Into A Blood-Soaked O.K. Corral, According to This Not-At-All-Alarmist New York Post Article


The fact that on any given night in New York City a rapper is playing a concert with a minimum of horrific violence and without sparking “a wave of fear” in the surrounding community does not seem to have registered with the New York Post. Ahem:

    Superstar rapper 50 Cent is secretly planning to stage a free concert in a schoolyard near the Queens projects where he grew up, and where he was nearly fatally shot — sparking a wave of fear in the community and prompting cops to prepare for the worst.

The free concert is scheduled for August 30 on the grounds of PS 40, in Jamaica, Queens. It’s part of a daylong outdoor event in the neighborhood sponsored by G-Unity, 50 Cent’s charitable organization. And it will be a nightmare of violence and blood, according to a bunch of unnamed sources in the Post: “Someone’s gonna try to make a name for themselves…They’re gonna take a shot at him, and they’re either gonna hit him or they’re gonna miss him and hit some poor, innocent kid or grandmother.” Families in the neighborhood are already allegedly heading for the hills, and “hundreds of officers — including cops from the gang and intelligence units — are expected to descend on the area both in uniform and in plainclothes.”

Why all these people are so sure grandma is going to die come that Sunday, beyond the fact that 50 has been both shot and stabbed in a past life, before he lived in a New Jersey mansion and became an author, is unclear. But watch out, according to the Post‘s sources: “He plans to bring celebrity pals with him.” Like Bette Midler maybe?

50 Cent Concert Will Kill Him, Kids, Grandmas [Animal NY]