Help Identify the Unknown Brooklyn Band That Mercilessly Kicked Somebody’s Puppy This Morning in Prospect Park


OK, we’ll do our public service, sure. As per a post on the Brooklynian message board this morning: “around 7 am this morning, during the off leash dog hours, a music group was doing a photo shoot in the Long Meadow of Prospect Park.a golden retriever puppy, being naturally curious, wandered over and interrupted their photo shoot. one of the band members grabbed the puppy by its collar and kicked it. anyone know who this band is or the photographer?” We don’t, but one of the Brooklynian commenters has a pretty good guess:

Good job, Karl the Druid, who adds: “this band plays everywhere in park slope.” Yeah, we can pretty much attest to that.

“Puppy-Kicking” Band Spotted in Prospect Park [Gothamist]

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