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Manhattan D.A. Race: Aborn Sweeps The Nation, Vance and Crocker-Snyder Hit Car Crimes


The Manhattan D.A.’s race looks tight and the contenders are burning rubber to the September 15 primary. Richard Aborn’s campaign is bragging on an endorsement from The Nation.

Yes, that Nation, the venerable liberal magazine. Katrina Vander Heuvel says this race presents “a unique opportunity for a progressive re-envisioning of our criminal justice system, not only in the city but on a national scale,” and favors Aborn as “the candidate who most passionately and boldly describes such an alternative future” with his “broad experience working for a progressive approach to fighting crime.”

You don’t get this sort of thing in Staten Island D.A. elections. Aborn also picked up the Hotel Trades Council (HTC) and Metropolitan Council on Housing endorsements this week.

In tune with Transportation Alternatives’ new report on the lawlessness of local drivers, both Leslie Crocker-Snyder and Cy Vance promised to get tough on crimes committed by motorists…

Crocker-Snyder announced ” a comprehensive plan to address vehicular crime in Manhattan” and called for “cracking down on distracted driving by demanding heavy fines,” appointing a bureau chief for the Vehicular Crimes Unit, and more aggressive investigation and prosecution of traffic deaths.

“I called first among the DA candidates for a dedicated Vehicular Crime Unit within the District Attorney’s office,” Cy Vance announced. Prosecutors will be specially trained for this Unit, which will monitor high-vehicular-crime areas. Vance says he will also “aggressively target repeat vehicular crime offenders.”

Hear that, Don Broderick? You can’t get away with it forever!


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