Sarah Palin Health Care Musings Promoted on Merit from Facebook to Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal offers its readers an editorial on health care by Sarah Palin. The main difference between this essay and Palin’s Facebook ravings is an introductory pretense of sanity (“President Barack Obama asked that Americans ‘talk with one another, and not over one another’… I couldn’t agree more”). However, within a few paragraphs she is defending her ridiculous claim that Obama wants “death panels” to declare who shall live and who shall die, on the grounds that “establishment voices dismissed that phrase, but it rang true for many Americans” — or, in other words, crazy as it was, we got away with it. As to arguments against the Democratic plan, Palin mainly offers “common sense,” which relieves her of the tedious necessity of actually explaining why it won’t work, and proposes as an alternative a melange of tax breaks, vouchers, tort reform, and other golden oldies from the days when people trusted Republicans.

Palin’s essay is of course praised extravagantly by the usual buffoons (“utterly eviscerates Democratic plans… We have before us a leader with vision”), and treated with undue seriousness by mainstream media outlets lest some rageaholics call them liberal-biased.