Eben Freeman Leaves Tailor, America


Eben Freeman, the molecular mixologist best known for smoking Coke syrup at Tailor, has left the troubled establishment, which filed for Chapter 11 this past spring. Freeman is heading, at least part-time, to Asia to tout his newly launched venture, Cocktail All-Stars, a “global collective” of high-profile bartenders that will host dinners, consult on restaurant and hotel group beverage programs, and generally spread the new-wave cocktail culture.

According to an email from his publicist, the collective includes Linden Pride and Julian Serna of Rockpool in Sydney, Ryan Fitzgerald of Beretta in San Francisco, and Jim Meehan of PDT. Tailor’s Sam Mason hasn’t been left out of the loop — he and Freeman recently hosted a series of experimental dinners inspired by childhood memories in Hong Kong under the All-Stars banner.

Freeman won’t just be making drinks around the globe. He also plans to make the vessels the drinks will be poured into. His upcoming barware line with AvroKO will feature glasses, carts, and, eventually, tools.