“Racy” Pamela Anderson PETA Ad Sets Animal Rights Back 10 Years


We love our fellow animals, and generally approve PETA’s advertising, particularly in the celebrity nude category. But this ad, starring Pamela Anderson and generally described as “racy,” feeds the unfortunate impression of animal rights activists as enemies of human freedom. Anderson plays an airport screener (but is dressed like a cop, presumably because that uniform suggests a more widely-known fetish than do the clothes normally worn by TSA agents). She roughly handles Steve-O, stripping him in what is clearly meant to be a provocative manner, and hassles other celebrities including Andy Dick on suspicion of the crimes of wearing leather or fur. Conservatives who disapprove of animal rights and “PC police” will ululate in outrage, which would be fine if the ad were actually sexy; but with its annoying shoe-store dance music and runway behaviors, the ad instead embodies the sort of faux-sexiness we associate with Cougar Town and shampoo commercials. And did no one think of working in full-body scanners?