Sean Lennon Defends Celebrity Nude Tribute to His Parents


Purple Fashion, which gave us yesterday’s celebrity nude, has also published a hommage (N quite SFW) to the famous Annie Leibovitz photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, starring the couple’s son, Sean Lennon. Only this time the man is fully dressed, and the woman — Sean Lennon’s model/girlfriend Kemp Muhl — is curled around him, naked. Naturally there have been complaints (“The second photo is nothing more than the male taking his normative role along with the female, neglecting the slightly jarring contrast to what’s expected in male/female relationships”), by which Lennon fils affects to be surprised: “It seems that people are a little bit uptight these days, I guess,” he tells New York‘s Daily Intel. “My mom thought it was cute.” Asked what Leibovitz might think of the photo, Lennon responds, “She seems to have other things on her mind these days. Like money.”