When Reporters Get Fed Up


We frickin’ love this, from Syracuse Post-Standard reporter Michelle Breidenbach’s account of Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to Syracuse University:

Vice President Joe Biden talked with Syracuse students, teachers and parents Wednesday about his mission to strengthen the middle class.

Then, he rode in a limousine to a ballroom where people had paid $250 to have lunch and $1,000 to pose for a picture with him. After that, he rode the limousine a few more blocks to mingle with more people who had paid thousands of dollars to spend private time with him.

Biden merged a middle-class message with $250-a-plate grilled chicken and couscous.

Breidenbach’s story is full of other, similar gems (“Guests paid $250 for lunch and about 40 people paid $1,000 to have their photographs taken with Biden… Staff said no to photography and would not allow a reporter to stay to see who Biden spoke with or to interview guests”). A Pulitzer isn’t quite appropriate, but we think she should get some kind of medal.