McHugh Finally Confirmed as Army Chief, Heating Up Humorous Congressional Race


Longtime New York Republican congressman John McHugh (pictured, right) was finally cleared last night to become Obama’s Secretary of the Army by the Senate. Kansas senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts had been blocking his nomination for months, because they thought Obama was going to send Guantanamo detainees to Fort Leavenworth, which is apparently not the tough prison we always thought it was, but a halfway-house from which terrorists could easily escape and blow up Topeka. Obama calmed their fears, leading to McHugh’s release.

McHugh’s nomination in June set up a special election campaign for his Congressional seat in New York’s 23rd District, though a special election date has not been named. This campaign has become hilarious, with the Conservative Party candidate accusing the Republican candidate of a “relationship with the radical left” via ACORN. The Democratic candidate, banker Bill Owen, may be enjoying it most of all.