News Roundup: The Life and Legacy of Arthur Russell, 1.6 Band Live on WFMU, Free Energy’s “Something In Common”


The Arthur Russell revival that began somewhere around the 2004 issues/reissues of Calling Out of Context and The World of Arthur Russell and seemingly peaked with the release of Matt Wolf’s tremendous 2008 documentary Wild Combination continues, in all places, at NYU, who will host a conference on Russell’s life in October. Kiss Me Again: The Life and Legacy of Arthur Russell will take place Saturday, October 10th at NYU’s Tisch Performance Studies school and features old collaborators Peter Zummo and Ernie Brooks alongside critics Simon Reynolds and Tim Lawrence, who wrote Hold on To Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene. Somewhere in there Wolf’s doc will be screened, and the likes of Nick Hallett will play at Housing Works and Public Assembly. More info at Reynolds’ blog and at the symposium’s official site.

Late pass: the WFMU set Long Island hardcore insurrectionists 1.6 Band played back in June as part of a brief reunion tour is still streaming from the radio station’s site. Charles Maggio, whose own long dormant post-hardcore act, Rorschach, is reuniting tomorrow, engineered the session. We were frankly more cynical about both events before hearing this performance.

And, apropos of nothing, Free Energy’s “Something In Common” — the b-side to a 7″ the Philly quartet have out on DFA right now — makes us a little bit more excited about life and our feelings and existence in general. Make of that what you will.