Bernie Kerik Goes to Jail


Bernard Kerik, former NYPD commissioner and hero of 9/11. will sleep in a cell tonight as the federal judge in his fraud trial, who had previously indicated he was fed up with Kerik’s shenanigans, revoked his bail.

Judge Stephen Robinson had blasted Kerik and his lawyers for feeding information that was under legal seal to the Washington Times, in Robinson’s view for propaganda and legal fundraising purposes. Today the judge, citing Kerik’s “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance,” found the defendant likely to try and “further discredit the government, to raise funds, and further taint the jury pool” with unauthorized revelations, requiring his incarceration. Kerik surrendered his tie and belt and was escorted to the hoosegow.

Kerik is being tried for allegedly making false statements to the Bush White House when he was being considered for appointment to Secretary of Homeland Security, which appointment was scotched after embarrassing revelations came to light.