A Suggestion to Remedy the Injustice of Jay-Z Performing “Empire State of Mind” at Game One of the World Series


Is it Jay-Z’s turn to ether a Philadelphia sports team? 76ers fans will not forget the day, back in 2001, when Beyonce and the rest of Destiny’s Child emerged at halftime for Game Two of the Finals, IN PHILADELPHIA, wearing Laker jerseys–the prelude to first a tremendous amount of booing, and then a Philly defeat, the first of four straight. Now, apparently, Jay-Z is looking to get in on wifey’s act: Rap Radar reports that Jay and Alicia Keys have been conscripted to perform “Empire State of Mind,” a blatantly PRO-NEW YORK SONG, at Game One of the World Series at Yankee Stadium this Wednesday. The only way this will be OK is if on Saturday, for Game Three at Citizen’s Bank Park, the Phillies invite Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and Peedi Crakk to ridicule Jay-Z’s business acumen in front of a cheering audience of thousands. (This is pretty much what Beans and Free do every Saturday night anyway, right?) Let’s hear it for throwing batteries! It’s only fair! [Rap Radar]