‘The Sartorialist’ Blogger and Fashion Photographer Scott Schuman Picks the Most Style-Challenged Street. (It’s Not Bedford Ave.)


This week is the Voice‘s Best of NYC issue, our annual opportunity to bestow awards like Best Shop for the Bookish Fashionista and Best Yankee on our favorite things about the city. In turn, we asked a few of our favorite New Yorkers to name their favorite local things.

Sartorialist blogger Scott Schuman is a Yankee fan, but he does not approve of the tri-poly blends they’re wearing these days. Fortunately, he has a suggestion for how to improve their uniforms.

Best restaurant?

Rocking Horse. A Mexican restaurant. It’s on Eighth Avenue between 19th and 20th.

Best place to feel like you’re not in the city?

K-Mart. Isn’t there a K-Mart on like Lafayette and 8th or 9th Street? I think if I was in K-Mart I would not feel like I was in New York City.

Most sartorial street?

57th street and 5th Avenue, so right dead in the middle.

Most style-challenged street?

Now see if I really wanted to get myself in trouble I’d say whatever the main street in Williamsburg is. But I’m not gonna do that. Wall Street!

Best subway line?

The yellow, the NR maybe. Doesn’t it go kinda diagonal a little bit, so you can be lower east or up? It kinda goes all over the city. You know the red lines all West and the green lines all just East, but the yellow kind of gets you around all over the place.

Biggest New York-related phobia?

Accidentally being locked in FAO Schwartz overnight when all the toys come alive and kill people. I really hope that never happens to me. It’s happened to a couple people I know, and they hated it. They escaped. It’s a phobia. I know it’s not realistic, but it’s a phobia still. I think I could take most of them because they’re just stuffed.

Best place to take photos in New York?

SoHo, Nolita, something like that. The buildings aren’t so tall so you get more light down into the streets. There’s more texture with the cobblestones, the buildings, and the street. There’s more color, more variation.

Favorite fellow New Yorker?

Fred Astaire. You know he did dance lessons on 23rd and Eighth right by where I live. When he was young, like seven or eight-years-old. The place is now a Dallas BBQ, but it used to be an opera house. Why? Cause he’s super chic, and he’s super physical in his clothes. He has a certain humor. There was a chicness about him and also a manliness.

Best thing you can only find in New York that the rest of the world is missing out on?

The New York Yankees. I just like pinstripes, come on. That Derek Jeter is just such a cutie. No, I’m a Yankee fan. If they could actually wear those gray flannel baseball uniforms again, I think it would be so much more chic than those tri-poly blends that they’re wearing now. Go back to the gray flannel.