Source: boy, 4, beaten to death for touching his penis


A source tells the Daily News that Myrna Chen Phang and her boyfriend, Steven Dadaille, beat Jayden Lenescar with a belt and left him dying in the bathtub without medical care because he wouldn’t stop touching his penis. Both are charged with second-degree murder.

Chen Phang was escorted from Rikers to the boy’s wake in Bedford-Stuyvesant yesterday.

The News’ source said that his mother beat the child with a belt because he continued to touch his penis after being told not to, and then housemate Dadaille took over because he didn’t think she was doing it hard enough. He was left in the bathtub, urinating blood, for two days, while the couple told relatives that he had the flu.

Another source said that investigators are looking into the possibility that Jayden was trying to tell his mother that he’d been molested.

Dadaille’s lawyer said that his client didn’t have a motive, since he barely knew the child. They lived in the same home.