Order Tiki Cocktails at Flatiron Lounge on Weekends


One of the reasons to mourn Elettaria’s passing was the demise of Tiki Mondays, perhaps the only time you could get proper tiki cocktail in the city. All the greatest hits were trotted out: Mai Tai, Three Dots and A Dash, Suffering Bastard, Zombie, and more, made with good rums, homemade syrups, freshly squeezed juices, and orgeat. The atmosphere was no Tiki Ti, but the drinks came close. Well, it turns out that the guy behind Tiki Mondays has landed at a new job.

A thread on Chowhound suggested that the bartender, Joe Swifka, is now working at Flatiron Lounge. A call to that bar confirmed it. Assistant manager Megan Malloy said that Swifka is a recent hire, and that he would be happy to mix up any tiki requests, as long as he has the ingredients. Swifka is working on Friday and Saturday nights.

37 West 19th Street

Elettaria’s Crab Rangoon