So How Did Michael Jackson’s This Is It Do at the Box Office This Weekend?


Not that well. And yet, absurdly well! The Kenny Ortega directed rehearsal doc sold $21.3 million in tickets this past weekend, bringing the film’s total in the U.S. to $32.5 million. Overseas was a different story: out there in the world, This Is It has done $68.5 million and counting in sales. By the perverse logic of Hollywood, this was all deemed a failure, given all the marketing and promotions muscle Sony put behind the film, and the high expectations the studio generated in doing so. (Two week run only! Tuesday night opening! All of those posters!) That said, do the addition: after not quite a week, the film’s taken in $101 million dollars, well past what Sony paid AEG Live ($60 million) to acquire the film. Everyone involved is going to get a handsome check off of this little venture. Not least because–surprise, surprise–This Is It will be in theaters for far longer than the originally announced two weeks. The film, Sony announced over the weekend, has been granted an extended run, through Thanksgiving. [NYT]